Saturday, January 12, 2013

Delightfully Sweet, Fruity, Chewy Goodness!

That describes Trader Joe's Unsweetened and Unsulfured Dried Pineapple Rings perfectly!

These are a wonderful TREAT of a snack!

Chewy TAFFY-like texture,
WHOLESOME and rich fruity taste, 
Sweet SMELL that wafts from the bag!

Eating a ring really reminds me of chewing up a piece of taffy!
Only without the yucky taste in my mouth and feel in my belly afterward!

Trader Joe's Dried Pineapple Rings
Trader Joe's also sells frozen pineapple - YUM! and many other delicious things!

Calorie per calorie, there is twice the fiber in dried fruit compared to canned.

Looking for ways to eat this fruit?  Try homemade Popsicles or No-Bake Carrot Cake!

COMMENTS:  Did you eat Laffy Taffy as a kid?  What was your favorite flavor?  Have a new years resolution to share?  How is it going?

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