Friday, April 28, 2017

Tempeh "BLT"!

Tempeh "BLT" Sandwiches are awesome!

Tempeh is an excellent choice among the protein/bean category. Here is Dr Greger's quick answer on which is healthier - edamame (actual plain soybeans) or tempeh (fermented soybeans). Spoiler - it's tempeh! While edamame is healthier than the more processed tofu, tempeh has more anti-mutagenic properties than plain old soybeans (edamame).

"BLT" Sandwich
Tempeh "bacon"
Tomato, sliced
Vegan mayo*

Follow "bacon" cooking directions, and assemble your sandwiches!

"BLT" Salad
Tempeh, original flavor
Kale (or any green), stems removed, torn in bite-sized pieces
2 Roma tomatoes, chopped
Liquid smoke (I used Colgin Mesquite)
Vegan mayo*
Flaxseed, ground
Hemp seed
Black pepper

Boil whole tempeh block for 5 min. Rinse to remove bitterness. Cut in four or more pieces, longways; thin pieces resemble bacon. Splash tempeh with liquid smoke, and let sit few hours (I'll try to skip this "let sit" step next time, and update), and then broil for 5-6 min. Finally, spread a bit of vegan mayo on each piece, and cut tempeh into pieces.

Fill bowl with kale, diced tomatoes, tempeh pieces, hemp seed, flaxseed, and pepper. Enjoy!

Dr Greger Daily Dozen Check Marks: AROUND SIX!

The commercial tempeh "bacon" has some ingredients, a few kinds of sugar among them. Still...remember that tempeh is a very healthy food, so this is a much better option than say, a Boca burger with it's many ingredients/chemicals.

Alternatively, you can make your own "bacon" simply with liquid smoke...this has a few ingredients as well, but it's not too bad. Plus, you can put to rest any worries of cancer promotion from liquid smoke. Here's another video from Is Liquid-Smoke Flavoring Carcinogenic? I have some smoked paprika, which I will also try in the future, for an option with just one ingredient!

If you want to know more about liquid smoke flavoring, check out this link: Colgin Liquid Smoke. Honestly, I knew very little about it before today!

*regarding vegan mayo, Trader Joe's makes a tasty one, but really mayo is a "red light" food, unless you make your own with some tofu and vinegar; here's a simple recipe (I might use dates instead of maple syrup, and skip the salt).

Another tempeh recipe I make are Meatless Meatballs, yum!

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