Saturday, June 29, 2013

Duck Tape to the Rescue!

This is a quick one about the latest DUCK TAPE miracle!

This photo is by Travis Kincaid Photography (  Thank you Travis!

My grandpa who used Duck Tape for EVERYTHING would be so proud of my new trick! It provides protection from blisters, calluses, and other foot cuts during exercise, or anytime!

The SHORT of it:

Put some tape over any area that may become irritated and off you go!

The LONG of it:

I used to put several Band-Aids on my feet to avoid predictable CUTS during long runs wearing barefoot shoes (Vibram KSOs)  -- I'll spare you a pic! As soon as I came across the tape idea I had to try it! After a 16-mile run, I am happy to report completely unharmed feet! AMAZING!

Second successful use! After a 3-year hiatus from playing SOCCER (for good reasons, but boy have I missed it!), I finally jumping back in! I got blood blisters where I used to have CALLUSES. The next week, I applied some Duck Tape to the non-callused area, and viola, my feet were perfectly unharmed after 90 minutes of soccer!

I totally trust it will work, though I haven't tested this one. Makes me a tiny bit excited to get a BLISTER! Cut a piece of paper to cover the blister (so tape doesn't break blister) and then attach with Duck Tape. Apparently, this relieves blister pain immediately!

BONUS: you can make an agility latter with Duck Tape and save $50! Don't have enough pockets in your running shorts? Tape endurance gel packs wherever you want for a long run! Plus, 99 other ways to use duct tape from the Marine Corps Times!

BONUS BONUS: both names (duck and duct) are used, and have been for ages! Duct refers to its most common use as a sort of "tubing tape". Duck refers originally to the tape's water-resistance like on a duck's feet, and currently the brand of tape called DucK Tape (from Cleveland, OH!).

COMMENTS: What are your best duct tape uses? Do you ever use the color and patterned varieties? I once made some pretty red flowers with my daughters :) I stick to plain black for my feet, and save the interesting patterns for my kids!

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